How it all started...

Before all this, I wasn't even into sneakers, let alone liked them. I had the mindset that slippers and sandals were enough. But look at me now, absolutely into sneakers. God, even I can't describe how much I love how good they look. It all started when I finished my first job ( customer service ) , I wanted to get a pair of new shoes after I received my salary because I never really owned a pair of shoes and had been wearing my brother's shoes.

My first pair of shoes that I got was a pair of Adidas Ultraboost which I must say, these are absolutely comfortable for daily usage.

After that, I started getting more into shoes and looking at more shoes... and the addiction began ( believe it or not, it's true and it happened).

Favorite pairs of sneakers ( aka grails)

1 / 3
ZX 4000 4D
2 / 3
Kith x Converse x Coca-cola
3 / 3
Yeezy V1 Turtle Dove
4 / 5
Fear Of God Raids
5 / 5
Travis Scott Jordan 1